Opening Ceremony Pops!

I LOVE the Olympics!!

The sportsmanship, athleticism, strength, power, beauty and dedication each athlete portrays, always leaves me feeling as though I should take up a sport at once…or at the very least, pick up that gym bag that’s been collecting dust in the corner of my room!

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The Olympic Games always put me in such a festive and fashionable mood and as such, I always get super excited during the Opening Ceremony.

Watching the athletes strut into the newest Olympic arena, proudly representing their respective countries and cultures, moving as one big sea of colorful uniforms, styled in various shapes, cuts and patterns is both breathtaking and inspiring.

Not to minimize the rest of the festivities…but the collective style of each country is what really gets my fashion pupils dilated!

Enter…Opening Ceremony, the multi-designer retail giant with stores in some of the world’s most fashion forward cities. The duo behind Opening Ceremony, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, launched the opening of its first European store in London’s Covent Garden last Friday, July 20th and brought with them a touch of international fashion and design influence.

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Much like the Olympic Games, Opening Ceremony, the newest store to hit London’s up and coming King Street, continuously brings designers from various countries like: Norma Kamali, Boy by Band of Outsiders, Christopher Shannon, Lou Dalton, Henry Holland, Addidas, Topshop, Proenza Schouler, Keds, Kenzo and Delfina Delettrez, to “play” together under one roof.

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I love the Pops of color London based Interior Designer, Faye Toogood sprinkled throughout the store. The two-level temporary Pop-Up shop, has a classic white base and large-scale pink, yellow and green triangle installations hanging from the ceiling, that brings even more energy and excitement to the space.

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Here are some of my favorite pieces from the opening:


Just an FYI

There’s nothing I love more than a good coffee table book and I’m excited that Opening Ceremony will offer a selection of books for sale by the independent fashion and art photography bookshop, Claire de Rouen.

In August, Open Ceremony will launch OC Annual a collectible magazine on fashion and culture. The debut issue will focus on sports in honor of the London Olympics and will feature photography from Bruce Weber, Walter Pfeiffer, Todd Cole and Tim Barber.

Coming up in October, publishing powerhouse Rizzoli will publish a 300-page book of Opening Ceremony, full of layouts by many of Humberto Leon and Carol Lim’s friends, among them Chloe Sevigny and Spike Jonze.

To mirror back the message on the steps…Hey Young London! We couldn’t be more excited that Opening Ceremony is opening for you!


Opening Ceremony, 31-32 King Street, Covent Garden WC2



  1. I REALLY REALLY ENJOY THIS POST! Your enthusiasm makes me wanna watch the Olympics even more than I already did! Thanks.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! We’re only 14 hours away from the Official London 2012 Opening Ceremony, can’t wait!

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