Sample Sales + Sequins = Sweet Treats

I went to my first sample sale two weekends ago, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since…

I’ve decided..there is indeed a strategy to “Sample Sale-ing” – as it is not for the shopping faint of heart.

The Gilt City Warehouse Sale was held at the LongView Gallery at 1234 9th St., NW

Since this was my first sample sale, I didn’t really have any expectations.

I went in with an open mind, ready to shop, have fun, and haggle over coveted Prada blouses – and what an experience I had! Let me paint a picture.

As I surveyed my next find and attempted to comb through racks upon racks of goods, I unintentionally invaded many fellow shoppers personal space. Whoops! Lol! Upbeat house music vibrated through the stereo, Fashionista’s and their many friends occupied every crevice of the room, while assistants offered Vita Coco, VeeV, FIJI, PopChips and KIND Bars for our drinking and snacking pleasure.

With that said, I realized I was a bit ill prepared.

Going forward I’ve decided in order to have the best sample sale experience possible, you should cling to:

The 5 Golden Rules of Sample Sale Shopping:

1.) Make sure you are Hands Free!

Arms and hands should only be used for grabbing merch and doubling as human coat hangers

*To achieve a stylish hands-free look, take some inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw

(SATC season 4 – Low-Slung Gucci Belt Bag) and go balls to the wall, fanny pack style

Here is the Classic Gucci Belt Bag with original GG fabric  – also available with black leather trim

Here are a few more Fanny Packs I thought were great for many different looks:

I love the gold chain link belt and the gold lock detail on this Michael Kors Purse Belt – fashion friendly and chic!

Michael Kors 3/4″ Chain Belt w/Leather Wallet

As you can tell, I love embellishments, so the Fishnet on this Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Pouch Belt caught my eye, super cute! Head to Asos to catch the sale price!

These two Pop of Color Fannies from Urban Outfitters offer a little childhood nostalgia and because they’re canvas they’re super durable, Love!

BDG Pop-Stripe Belt Bag

These Patricia Field Fanny Packs (My personal Fav!) are a fun stand-out way to be hands-free!

Bling Sequin Fanny Pack

80’s Vintage Studded Fanny Pack

Printed Bling Sequin Fanny Pack

This Asos Chain and Purse Detail Waist Belt is super cute! You can wear it with or without the chain…AND it’s on sale!! $19.88

This Mini Coin Canyonrock Belt from Madewell also does double duty as a belt with a tiny storage compartment.

Another option: the Dolce & Gabbana sequined and leather purse belt

However, if you cannot afford this splurge item, you can make your own for a fraction of the cost!

You should be able to find small “change purses” at your local vintage store.

1.) You can purchase a new leather belt or grab one from your closet.

2.) Head to your local tailor or dry cleaners.

3.) Have them adhere the change purse to the belt with a metal post.

4.) Voilà! Your own custom-made fanny pack/pouch/purse belt!

2.) Attend with multiple friends

More hands more finds!

3.) Remember to step back for a second and hydrate!

 Gatorade or Water…bubbly is fun but it can dehydrate you, remember this is a marathon shopping event

4.) Haggle! Every price is negotiable!

Remember, if you don’t ask you’ll always pay full price!

5.) Have a great sense of humor!

It can get intense in there, but cocktails and lunch should immediately follow to

A.) Gab about your great finds and that lady who tried to steal your Prada Blouse


B.) Order that well deserved Chocolate and Strawberry filled Crepe! Just saying…

Does anyone else have any tips or funny stories about a sample sale they went to?

I would love to hear some stories!

After my Sample Sale I went back to my new favorite shopping spot Current Boutique and found this French Connection Sequin Dress…I’m thinking of altering it for a New Years Eve Event – Cutting off the sleeves and cutting the back into a deep “U” shape to create a tank dress…what do you all think?

After my long day of day of shopping I visited Point Chaud Cafe and Crepes at 1736 14th St., NW  for a little treat 🙂

Photo Credit: Elvert B.



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