Whatever Suits You

I love when things like this happen! A few weekends ago I went for dinner on Barricks Row on Cap Hill. Matchbox was my ultimate destination, but I walked in the wrong direction (I zigged, when I should have zagged), only to find myself right in front of Devlon Paris International Pop Up Shop.

Devlon Paris International is an accessory brand that specializes in producing made to measure clothes for men and women.

When I stumbled upon this interesting little shop, I popped inside and brosed around. I spoke with Stacey Calhoun, Director of Client Services (who was super sweet and who I want to wish much success!) and it turns out this Pop Up was in fact their soft launch.

I think I’ve found my new best kept secret  for custom tailoring in DC and I love that they will bring their services directly to you! This is a veritable Golden Needle in DC’s Custom Tailor Haystack!

I’m definitely going to spread the word on this little shop, and they should be on your list of go-to’s for DC Fashion too, because they not only combine exquisite custom tailoring with impeccable style, but a portion of your shopping dollars can be put towards a good cause. For every retail purchase, a portion of the profits will be donated to a charity or program of DPI’s selection and client’s also have the option to choose one of the available charities or programs after their purchase.

Devlon Paris International’s assortment of ties and pocket squares will keep the men of the DMV looking dapper and professional and bring custom styling to fashionista’s as well.

I would look for more Pop Ups from Devlon Paris throughout the Fall. Tell your best-ies and your main squeeze.  There is definitely something for everyone, Happy Tailoring!


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